The 5 Best Pet-Friendly Vehicles for Summer Vacation


Pets are a part of the family, and we love taking them where we go! So if your four-legged friend spends a lot of time in the car with you, it’s important to pick pet-friendly vehicle that best suit your human and canine needs.

These are some of the best rated vehicles for humans with dogs, and rightfully so. Between their dog-friendly hatchback entry and seats that lay flat, it’s the perfect spot for Fido to hang out while you cruise around.

Pet-Friendly Vehicle for Vacation

1. Mini Cooper D Clubman

The Clubman’s low chassis makes it easy for dogs of all sizes to get in and out without any trouble.  This 4-door Mini Cooper has ample cargo space and offers comfort and style while being practical and pet-friendly.

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2. Volvo V60 Cross Country

The generous cargo space in the Cross Country makes this perfect for your gear AND your furry friends.  Optional seat liners keep your seats protected from dirt or whatever the dog may track in. This is a perfect vehicle for those who like to stay active.

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3. Honda Odyssey 5-Door Elite Touring

A top-rated family vehicle, why not include some perks for the pets! Full interior climate control ensures comfortability, space under the seats is perfect for storing dog toys, leashes, or treats, and a built-in vacuum makes it easy to clean up the pooch before setting off on your next adventure. Optional pet barriers are available, for the dogs who get easily excited.

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4. BMW X3

The X3 maximized comfort for humans and canines alike with soft heated leather seats, rear climate control, and a sunroof.  The cargo area is spacious enough for small to medium sized pups and for dogs who like to play in all weather conditions, the AWD system makes driving a breeze in snow or rain.

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5. Subaru Outback

Offering one of the most capable AWD systems, the Outback is the answer for all your adventure needs.  If you enjoy being active with your dog, hiking, or playing in snowy conditions, the Outback’s traction and surefootedness will keep you safe as you travel over all terrain types.  The Outback has ample cargo space and offers a wide, low floor as well as rubber floor mats and other pet-friendly accessories.

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For those who dream about having the most luxurious vehicle for Fido, Nissan launched their most dog-friendly and pet focused SUV concept, the X-Trail 4Dogs. As a test to see the reaction of their audience, this Nissan would offer a hose, pull-out blow dryer, dog treat dispenser, a ramp, and 2-way camera so you and Fido can see each other while on the road.  For now, this is just a concept, but it could become a reality! Watch the video below to see this tricked-out luxury dog SUV. 

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