End-of-Summer Car Maintenance Guide

Even if your summer car care routine was top notch, now is not the time to let up.  With temperatures and humidity levels changing as we enter fall months, there are some maintenance tasks that are practical and will save you time down the road.  Don’t wait until the leaves are falling or there is snow on the ground to check this simple, yet important, car maintenance guide.

3-Step Car Maintenance Guide

1. Start with a vehicle inspection

The first step in your fall-prep car maintenance guide to have an inspection done on your vehicle.  This will help you focus on exactly what your car needs and what should be prioritized.  Your inspection will include test and checks on your battery, fluid levels, lights, all belts and hoses, as well as general transmission work.  Issues with any of these components can get worse as the temperature falls and humidity levels lower.

2. Check your Exterior Accessories

Checking the tread on your tires and wiper blades are very important as the seasons change.

Ragged and worn out wiper blades can affect visibility in harsh weather. If your wiper blades are older than 6 months, give them a thorough check and consider replacing.  Find out what size wiper blades you need here.

Your tire tread should be monitored regularly, but especially during the change of the seasons when temperature levels can affect them the most.  Your tread depth should be 2/32″ deep, otherwise, you may not have decent traction, regardless of the road conditions.

An easy way to test your tire tread is using a penny.  Take a penny, and with Lincoln’s head facing downwards, place in the grooves of your tires.  If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tread is too worn down and it could mean it’s time to buy new tires.

Not sure if you should invest in Winter tires or All-Weather tires? Find out here.

3. Swap Out Your Old Floor Mats

After traveling and going to the beach all summer, it could be time for new floor mats.  Carpeted floor mats are harder to clean and can easily become moldy from residual moisture.  Instead, try rubber all-weather floor mats with grooves to capture dirt, dust, moisture, or anything else you might track in on your shoes.  These mats are easy to clean and perfect for the transition from summer to fall and into the colder months.

Get some of the top rated rubber floor mats here.

Kick off the cooler months with putting your best wheel forward! There are many places that offer free 29-point auto inspections, so it’s not hard to get started on making sure your vehicle is safe, reliable, and ready for whatever the coolers months throw our way.

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