6 Things To Look For When Buying An SUV For You And Your Family 

6 Things To Look For When Buying An SUV For You And Your Family 


  1. Safety. Making sure the vehicle has working airbags, shatter-resistant glass, anti-lock brakes, stability control, etc.
  2. Air Vents. Vents tend to always be in the front row seats of cars but checking in the back row to see if they are there so the kids can feel the heat or ac.
  3. Space. Having enough room for all the kids, luggage, and groceries.
  4. Entertainment. This isn’t super important,  but looking for tv sets on the back of the headrest for the children to watch while on the road.
  5. Functionality. Testing out the back seats to see if they’re easy to maneuver, choosing leather seats for cleanliness, having a third row for bigger families, etc.
  6. Added Bonuses. Looking at newer cars for safety features like road sign assist, pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, automatic high beams, and more.
If it helps, you can print this post out as a checklist to bring with you to the dealership to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Most importantly, have fun shopping!
And don’t forget Trust Auto has a wide selection of SUV’s! Our friendly staff is here to help. As a family run business, family is very important to us so we are here to make sure you find just the car you need for you and your children.

Tutorial: Building A Car Emergency Kit For Winter Time

Here at Trust Auto, we believe that having an emergency kit in your car at all times is very helpful. You never know what can happen and when so rather be safe than sorry, right?

Below is a step by step guide to building an emergency kit for your car, winter edition. 

  1. Grab a bucket or duffle bag to place all of your items in. You don’t want something huge… maybe a medium size.
  2. You can go to your local grocery store to purchase an already built emergency kit that has bandages, medicine, and other small items for medical issues. This small medical kit can go in your big, overall car kit.
  3. Place a blanket or two inside.
  4. Add water bottles and perishable snacks.
  5. Put flashlights and batteries inside.
  6. Having a neon windbreaker is nice incase your car breaks down at night, your body is visible to those driving on the road.
  7. Grab hand warmers.
  8. Get some jumper cables to have in the kit too.
  9. After adding all necessary items, zip up your bag or close up your bucket and place it in the trunk of your car.

Now your off to being prepared at all times. Safe driving!